The release of horrifying undercover videos at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country, including Planned Parenthood facilities here in Colorado, has stuck a nerve with millions of Americans, many of whom are furious that the organization receives over half a billion dollars in taxpayer money each year.

For their part, Planned Parenthood has not defended their barbaric activities but has simply claimed they’re “too big to fail” and threatened that ending their taxpayer funding would cripple the health care options of poor and uninsured American women. But are they right?

Not so fast. Currently, there are 21 Planned Parenthood clinics in the Centennial State, compared to literally hundreds of private practices devoted to women’s health and family planning. Dozens of these private practices are geared toward low-income and uninsured families.

Specifically, here are ten in Denver alone that provide equivalent non-abortion services as their Planned Parenthood counterparts, at little or no cost to those in need:

  1. La Casa/Quigg Newton Family Health Center
  2. Gipson Eastside Family Health Center
  3. Lowry Family Health Center
  4. Montbello Family Health Center
  5. Park Hill Family Health Center
  6. Webb Center for Primary Care
  7. Sam Sandos Westside Family Health Center
  8. Westwood Family Health Center
  9. Denver Health Main Campus Women’s Care Clinic
  10. Clinica Family Health Services: Pecos Medical Clinic

Plus others like Lighthouse Women’s Center and Catholic Charities. The list goes on and on, but you get the drift: the absence of Planned Parenthood would hardly mean the end of the road for women’s health care in America. And none of the aforementioned facilities are in the business of selling the fetal tissue of aborted babies, so that’s an added bonus.

Should women have a choice about where to receive care, or should they be forced to use places with unethical practices, like Planned Parenthood? Give it some more thought on our Facebook page.

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