Fourteen years have past since September 11, 2001. For some, who lost family and friends that day, the pain is still fresh. For some teenagers, they were either not alive or too young to remember.

Which begs the question: do we as a nation remember?

President Obama marked the anniversary with a ceremony on the south lawn of the White House. #NeverForget is the top trending hashtag on Twitter this morning. In 2015, the world did not forget the terrorist attacks that forever changed our nation.

To commemorate the 14th anniversary of that difficult day, here are 14 tributes to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and in the months and years following fighting for our freedoms.

#14 – A double rainbow marks the anniversary

#13 – Sports teams remember

#12 – Remembering Flight 93

#10 – Remembering the first responders

#7 – Remembering those who came together

Ok yes, Mr. Rogers is totally cheesy to bring into this. But not too cheesy. It’s okay, just for today.

#6 – Remembering the innocent who went to work that day and didn’t come home

#4 – Remembering the president who rallied the nation

#3 – Remembering the image of those planes…

#2 – Remembering in little ways

#1 – Remembering where we were that day

The White House press secretary on 9/11, Ari Fleischer was traveling with the president and was a first-hand witness to the events of that day. Over the past few hours, he has been tweeting where he was and his reactions as they happened exactly 14 years ago today. See his full timeline here.

Do you remember where you were? Share your thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #NeverForget, or comment on Facebook. Take a moment to learn more about the idea of American Exceptionalism.

May we never forget…

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