On Memorial Day, Americans traditionally kick back, relax and fire up the grill. But imagine what it would look like if the U.S. government hosted a cookout for everyone? Sure, there’d be lots of ridiculous rules, but besides that — just how much grub could Uncle Sam spring for?

Given the federal government spends over $10 billion every day, even if they dropped a check from one day’s spending, it would probably be pretty epic, even for all 319 million Americans.

But specifically, what’s on the menu? One group took a look, crunched the numbers, took a swing through the grocery aisles and … well… wow. Let’s just say, we wouldn’t go home hungry.

Here’s what Uncle Sam would buy:

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Five pounds of watermelon?!?!?

Hope they left a few bucks for some Tums to pass around…

It might make you just as sick to learn more about our national debt. Take a moment to find out about the problems — and solutions — here.

(Source: Americans for Prosperity)

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