Who We Are

Welcome to Thought.buzz

Life is busy. That’s where Thought.buzz comes in.

Thought.buzz is a thoughtful place for people who want to get beyond the hype and find real solutions to the issues important to their communities, families and nation.

From the expanding role of government and regulation in our lives to the effectiveness of public education, we explore issues and present solutions based on proven principles.

Thought.buzz presents the major policy issues of our times in a more thoughtful way – no raised voices, no cheap shots, and no twisted facts.

We try to present solutions that work as fairly and honestly as we can.

We believe you have an unalienable right to the truth – the honest, simple truth.

Thought.buzz uniquely engages in solution-oriented conversations on topics that matter… with the underlying ideas that matter.

Thought.buzz is a project of Principles That Matter, an independent, non-profit, non-partisan initiative that conducts research and education around solutions to restore equality and opportunity for our communities.

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