American culture is defined by the principles of what it means to be an American, not our ancestry.

Liberty, optimism, entrepreneurship, individual responsibility hard work, boundless opportunity capture the essence of American culture.

“The American lives in a land of wonders, in which everything seems to be in constant flux, and every change seems to mark an advance. Hence the idea of the new is coupled in his mind with the idea of the better. Nowhere does he perceive the limits that nature may have imposed on man’s efforts. In his eyes, that which does not exist is that which has not yet been attempted.” So wrote Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America his landmark study of the United States published in 1838.

While our nation and the world have evolved ever since, his quote captures the essence of American culture – liberty, optimism, entrepreneurship, individual responsibility, hard work and boundless opportunity. Protecting and projecting freedom. Active citizenship gave birth to our nation and has, throughout our history, characterized American culture, particularly as it relates to unwarranted governmental control over our lives and our businesses. Unlike other countries, our culture is not defined by who our ancestors were or what the government has decreed – what defines us are the foundational principles about what it means to be an American that all previous generations of Americans felt in their minds and in their hearts. Every American has an important role in preserving American culture for future generations.

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