Unspoken Ethical Creed

Unspoken Ethical Creed

We are reticent to “tell others how they should live.

Yet, determined to: “teach our children how they should live” because we believe “How they live” determines most of their success in life.

With the exception of our youth, “Live and let live” is the American creed.

We try not to hurt others and not hurt ourselves.
We are vigilant about protecting our children from evil doers.
We feed the hungry, cloth the naked, care for the sick.
We seek the protection of all from self-deception and self-destruction.
If we are trapped in an ethical conflict, we choose the greater good, the lesser evil.

If someone chooses to: ride a bike without wearing a helmet or smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol in excess or smoke weed or be reckless about sex, that is their business; just don’t hurt others or come near our children.

We are vigilant about the pursuit of human rights, even and especially for those who cannot defend themselves.

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