On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education voted on whether to approve a new charter school in the district.

The proposed school, Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons, is a replication school based on the model of two successful schools already operating in Colorado.

Over 625 letters of intent to attend the new school were filed by parents looking for another option for their children. Despite fear of intimidation and retribution, dozens of parents appeared before the school board at the meeting which, interestingly, took place during School Choice Week.

These are their voices.

Unheard Voices

Despite the voices calling for Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons to be approved, after over an hour of testimony, the board swiftly voted to deny the charter’s application.

What are your thoughts?

Should parents have the opportunity to choose the best education for their child? If parents don’t have that choice, then who gets to decide?

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