In Colorado, as with many states, there’s a State Auditor, whose job is to make sure the state is doing its job with minimal waste, fraud or abuse.

But with government getting bigger and bigger all the time, that job gets harder and harder. And with government trying to do more, it’s not doing a great job of what’s important.

Like, you know, making sure our Social Security numbers aren’t floating around the Internet. That’s right, thanks to the state of Colorado:

Monday, the State Auditor’s Office blamed the Governor’s Office of Information Technology for creating an, “environment ripe for breach by an external attacker or internal employee.”

The audit found hundreds of technical security vulnerabilities, 27 of which they described as “critical.”

It is mind-blowing to think that the governor’s own team tasked with cybersecurity for the state has enabled an “environment ripe for breach…” But with more departments, more staff (mostly unions), and more regulation, every day it’s harder to keep up with the basics.

Read more from Denver’s Fox 31 here, or geek out on the auditor’s report directly here.

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