The Thanksgiving holiday, a time normally set aside for reflection and gratitude, was interrupted in the most tragic way imaginable last Friday, as we watched in horror while the Colorado Springs shootings unfolded.

The murders of Garrett Swasey, Ke’Arre Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky were an act of evil. There are not words strong enough to condemn the attacker who killed them, wounded several others and terrorized a community. Nor are there words to describe the grief for the families, including six children who lost a parent on Friday. The killer deserves the most severe punishment available.

In the wake of the attack we have many questions, but so far very little in the way of answers. By every account, the accused killer was anti-social and even feared by his neighbors.

Unfortunately, too many people and organizations already have rushed to politicize this unspeakable tragedy. It’s hard to imagine something more callous and disgusting, particularly while several victims remain hospitalized. Reflection and understanding of why things happen are needed before advancing a political agenda.

By all accounts the shooter was in need of mental health services. Attaching a political statement without knowing all the facts pushes an agenda that’s the last thing a grieving community needs right now.

With that in mind, if you read nothing else about last Friday’s horrific events, please take a few minutes to read the essay linked below from Noah Rothman at Commentary Magazine:

Contrary to what you might have read in mainstream media outlets, we still know remarkably little about what might have motivated the alleged shooter who killed three in Colorado Springs on Friday. That has not stopped politicians and the press from definitively declaring the shooter not merely a suspected criminal but an ideologue with potentially terroristic designs.

And most importantly, please continue to keep all of the victims, and everyone in Colorado Springs, in your thoughts and prayers.

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