“Politics” is a word most of us can’t even stand these days. So how do some people get up every morning and go to work at a job where a lot of their customers hate them, the pay is terrible, and their outcomes are often shackled to someone else’s agenda?

We’ve seen a lot of bad characters in public office, but those crooks and creeps are actually a small minority. For the others — the people who do actually want to accomplish something good through public service — what motivates them to get involved in the first place, and to keep going day in and day out?

To get a better perspective, we interviewed Colorado’s Secretary of State Wayne Williams to ask how he first got involved in civics, and what motivates him today. Check out the video below.

This interview is the inaugural edition of Thought.buzz Stories, a series of conversations with people whose perspectives may challenge our notions of Left/Right debates and why we believe what we do.

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