Great news for families in Jefferson County, Colorado: if you’re sick of partisan political battles getting in the way of your child’s right to a great education, you have a fantastic (and free!) escape route.

On September 1st, Golden View Classical Academy opened its doors in Golden, Colorado. Aligned with Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative, Golden View is a K-12 public charter school designed to offer students a top-notch classical, liberal arts education, free of the pitfalls facing so much of America’s public education system today.

Jefferson County, Colorado has been a national hotbed of educational conflict in recent years. From threats of teacher strikes, to student walkouts, to school board recalls, the county’s school system has been something of a ground zero in the never-ending battle between teachers’ unions and the educational opportunities of students.

The founders of Golden View have steered clear of the ongoing educational distractions in the county (save for a contentious school board vote that gave the school the chance to open its doors).

It really needn’t be a controversial issue, as Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative is already an off-the-charts success across the country. Its first two charter schools opened in 2012, with two more opening the following year. In 2014, four opened their doors, and five (including Golden View) will open this fall.

These schools are not just opening; they are thriving. Take for example, Founders Classical Academy in Leander, Texas, which opened in 2014. After its first academic year, all but one of its original students reenrolled, and the school already has 760 kids on its waiting list. The same goes for the Atlanta Classical Academy, which filled its capacity of 486 pupils in its first year, and has an even more staggering 1,200 children awaiting an opening.

If America’s public school system served its students well, these charter schools would neither exist nor be necessary. But America’s public schools continue to underperform their developed world counterparts in nearly every measurable outcome, and the problems are so deeply (read: politically) entrenched that real reform seems a world away. Golden View Classical Academy and its peers across the country provide a real and inspired alternative to the failing status quo.

We’re willing to bet that Golden View will be the same resounding success that its partners throughout America are proving to be. And we’ll let that success speak for itself when teachers unions and their hand-picked politicians inevitably cry foul.

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