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The 2016 election is over and following his inauguration, Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States of America. It’s pretty crazy to realize that over the past 228 years, every few years, one American has peacefully left office as another has started.

Regardless of our political views, we should wish the new President well. This letter to the editor sums up why pretty well:

And regardless of who wins the election and starts work in the Oval Office, we should stop and ask a few questions:

1. We are a nation of equals, so will the law be applied equally to all people?
It hasn’t been in recent years, so hopefully it will be now. Regardless of race, gender, age, or income, the law should apply to everyone equally.

2. We are a free nation, so will the piles of regulations and restrictions on our daily lives be pulled back?
The laws we have to live by are now so complex and contradictory that it is almost impossible to go a day without breaking the law. That has got to change.

3. Will we once again have the freedom to buy and sell products and services without the government telling us what, when, where and how we can buy them?
Like healthcare — why can’t we buy insurance tailored to our needs instead of being forced into a Cadillac plan that we can’t afford and don’t need?

4. Will the government set the right priorities?
Rather than trying to change what everyone thinks, how about fixing some roads and bridges? How about making sure our military is ready to go, and so strong that they never have to?

5. Will we be able to recognize and appreciate each other’s differences without resorting to yelling, name calling, and accusations of racism?
One of our greatest strengths is that we are a melting pot of backgrounds, views, ideas and personalities. Our right to free speech protects our ability to share those differences without caring what other people think.

Our political process is designed to protect our freedoms and our differences. But when the government ignores that simple fact and tries to force one point of view above all others, the stakes go up a lot.

What should the new administration — any administration — do? It’s simple really:

1. Respect the rule of law — the same laws should be applied to everyone equally.
2. Stay lean — government is an overhead cost. Resist the temptation to meddle in commerce or culture.
3. Empower people — stop picking winners and losers and let all people chase freedom and opportunity equally.

What are your thoughts?

Should the laws and role of government be different depending on who is in the White House, or should our government stay out of our lives regardless? Let us know on Facebook!

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