Introduction to

How could we tweak the mind of an independent voter in 2016?

We call ourselves The Principles that Matter Foundation. We are building a website called

The website is a “political knowledge garden” that accentuates the profound intellectual differences between Liberals and Conservatives, i.e. the Postmoderns versus Founders.

To suit the modern reader, endeavors to be short and to the point.


Success is winning the hearts and minds of citizens, and the proper use of modern marketing technology.

Today’s citizens are tragically ill-informed and have no vehicle to get properly informed. And, as you know so well, our colleges and universities are breeding grounds of political ignorance, which keeps citizens confused.

Thank God for the Internet and modern marketing.

Our purpose is twofold:

  1. Educate citizens on America’s founding principles, and
  2. Demonstrate messages that work.

Our method is to:

Choose our battles – For too long principled candidates have been lured onto battlefields of the enemy’s choosing (e.g. gay marriage, Obama’s Christianity, bullets in a magazine, women’s pay, minimum wages… the Middle Class). Going forward, we intend to declare the battlefields and lure the enemy to them. presents many battlefields upon which we have a decided advantage.

Emphasize the long-term over the short-term – Too much of the conservative movement is short-term. Leaders have too little time to get prepared. Money and resources are scarce. The big-hitters get tapped-out early. Back to sleep, the next battle is only a year or two away.

We believe we can invest in programs that carry over multiple years and thereby dramatically improve the effectiveness of our efforts to educate citizens on conservative principles.

Refine our messaging – Put five conservatives in a room and you will have five different views of conservativism – none of which has been market tested. We are starting with 26 basic messages, which we call the Hot Topics of 2016. To this we will add the 47 principles upon which our nation was founded. Copious other messages can easily be added as the need arises. All messages will be thoroughly tested before release.

Mixed Media – Each message can or may be delivered in several forms, e.g. 20 second video clips, 3 minute YouTube-like videos, one page white papers, full length movies and books…).

Use modern media (email, Facebook, Twitter…) – We are late to this game, but better late than never. The outlook is promising.

The you see here today is the raw starting point. Imagine how deep and through it can be in a mere two years of weekly enhancement.

That’s our story. What do you think?

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