A new poll shows a troubling picture for America’s standing globally and our path moving forward.

The U.S. standing in the world is in decline, and the public blames President Obama. That’s the unambiguous finding of the December IBD/TIPP Poll.

When asked whether they agree that “America’s global influence is on the decline,” 69% said yes. That’s up from 65% in March, which was the first time IBD/TIPP asked this question.

Peeling back the layers of the poll, the picture doesn’t get much better:

The public’s belief in America’s decline is incredibly widespread, with majorities in every age, demographic and ideological group. Even among Democrats, more than half (53%), see the country’s influence falling. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of independents do. Among Republicans, it’s 83%.

Broken down by age, the young are the most downbeat, with 80% of those age 18-24 saying the U.S. is in decline. That compares with 69% of those age 45-64.

The latest poll also finds that among those who say U.S. influence is waning, 75% say Obama’s policies are responsible, while just 23% say they’re not.

Most shocking of all, the poll finds that a large group of Americans are actually cheering on this decline:

And while most think America’s declining influence is bad, more than one-third of liberals (37%) see that as a good thing. Nearly a quarter of those who identify themselves as Democrats say it’s good. In contrast, just 1% of Republicans say this.

Think about that for a minute: for those who most support our president and his agenda, over one-third want to see the United States in decline. It’s a shocking fact that brings a lot of clarity to why President Obama’s administration is unwilling to put forward any sort of coherent foreign policy.

But believe it or not, there is good news. While things under President Obama are tough both at home and abroad, Americans are still incredibly optimistic.

The poll also found that an overwhelming majority (88%) of those who see U.S. influence slipping believe that it is reversible.

It is reversible — and Americans always find a way to get back on our feet.

See the full poll results here.

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