Everyone has a story to tell.
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Society tells us that we are nothing more than the boxes we fit in. That we are defined by our ZIP code, our gender, and the color of our skin. That no matter our life experience, we cannot escape our box.

But that’s simply not true. We are all unique. Each of us comes from different backgrounds and we go through life gathering different experiences. We each have our own dreams, aspirations, fears, beliefs and ideology.

We each have our own story. tells the stories of people who do not fit in boxes. We will share perspectives and ideas on today’s issues and culture through stories that challenge our data-driven categories of life.

And perhaps, through these stories, we will discover that although the world is full of different opinions and values, there is still a core of truth. Truth about the way the world is, and how society functions best.

Hopefully we will discover that yes, we are different — and yet, we are equal.

We are told we are just the outcome of our pre-defined class, race, or culture. By telling these stories — your stories — we will reject those assumptions and revive one of the deepest held values of the American people:

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one.

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