Freedom’s Forge – How American Business Produced Victory in World War II tells the story of how the United States was actually fairly unprepared to fulfill its destiny as the “Arsenal of Democracy” at the outbreak of the war.    Starting with a phone call from the President to the CEO of General Motors, William Knudson (one of the great unsung heroes of our nation) private industry mobilized under Knudson’s leadership to out produce all of the other warring nations combined and become the principle supplier of all forms of armaments and transport equipment to the victorious allies. The book shows how Knudson and his fellow industrialists carried  forth the essence of American spirit that Alexis de Tocqueville noted in his book democracy in America a century earlier:  ”  Nowhere does he perceive the limits that nature may have imposed on man’s efforts.  In his eyes, that which does not exist is that which has not yet been attempted.” It tells the story of how American industry put aside its pursuit of profits and literally saved the world.

freedom's forge

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