Public school teachers walked out of classrooms in Colorado recently to go to the state capitol and lobby the legislature for increased teacher pay and to protest proposed changes to the state’s pension system.

Teachers are amazing, inspiring people who shape our lives in ways we may never fully understand. Of course great teachers deserve to be paid for their work, as in any other profession.

However, even as funding for education increases, and school systems increase staff, teacher pay has stagnated. What gives?

A new report outlines how school systems in America have increased funding and staffing while leaving teachers behind. It’s a bit dry, but important to recognize what’s happening. It also provides a solution: if parents and teachers both want more funding for the classroom, then we need to make sure the increasing dollars for education do just that — go to the classroom. Not administration and overhead.

What are your thoughts?

Should the increase in overall education funding go to pay for more administration and overhead, or should it go to rewarding great teachers and improving classroom learning? Let us know on Facebook!

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