Marcus Whitney is an entrepreneur to his core. Well respected in the tech community in Nashville, Tenn. and beyond, Marcus helped found email marketing company Emma and has gone on to several successful ventures since.

He’s also pretty worried about income inequality. But being an entrepreneur, he didn’t just want to worry about it. He wanted to find a solution.

So after months of studying the economy, wages, productivity — and his own path to success — he tried to map out a path for others to follow.

What he realized was amazing and brilliant. And it all comes down to one word:

I had to ask myself how I managed to achieve a (meager) positive annual growth rate over the last 15 years. Answer: Entrepreneurship.

How did almost all of the new entrants to the Forbes 25 get on that list? Entrepreneurship.

How can you be creative, design how you work and how much you make? Entrepreneurship.

So, I’m gonna help grow more entrepreneurs to balance things out a bit.

Entrepreneurship. Bam.

Today, Marcus is taking a difficult step. He’s putting his ideas into action:

I believe entrepreneurship is becoming a life skill. So I’m doing the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my career. I’m launching a company to develop entrepreneurs.

His new business, The Unlikely Company, will provide resources to help people take that first step to becoming entrepreneurs — creating their own opportunities and their own income mobility.

It’s amazing what happens when smart people tackle big problems. Marcus isn’t the only one who can make a difference — you can too.

We all need to find ways to encourage entrepreneurs. Sometimes that means giving them a boost, and sometimes that means getting roadblocks out of their way.

Find out more about tackling income inequality and improving income mobility.

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