Few things are as critical to improving our lives and our society as a quality education. A great education allows children to pursue the American Dream. We have an obligation to promote quality education opportunities that puts our children first.

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The Problem

Even after decades of pouring money into public education, America continues to fall farther behind other nations. Test scores are down and increased government involvement has done nothing but make the problem worse. Children are trapped in failing schools while unions protect bad teachers and put their interests ahead of the students’ needs.

The Solution

Fixing education in America is simple, but it won’t be easy. To put the success of the students first, we need to focus on getting more parents involved in schools, and giving parents more choice in where their children go to school. If we allow schools to compete for students, and let funding follow the students, schools will better manage their funds and improve performance rapidly.

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  1. Attend a school board hearing.
  2. Share a link to this page on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Share one of the photos at the top on Instagram.
  4. Email this page to a friend who is also interested in education.
  5. Talk with other parents and people in your community about your concerns and ideas to improve education.

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Providing A Great Education

Education spending per student has doubled since 1970, but the results aren’t improving. How can we provide a great education? Hear what one expert has to say.

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