The Growth of Government

We all want our government to provide effective services. But we’ve asked government to take on too much, and now it can’t seem to do anything well. What are the right jobs for the government, and how do we get things back on track?

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The Problem

There’s an appropriate size for government in an orderly, modern 21st century society. Ours is way bigger than that.

Bigger government invites more corruption, more waste and more abuse of power. It takes away opportunities, effective services and the voice of local citizens.

As if that wasn’t enough, big government drives up big debt. Our national debt has increased 70% just since Barack Obama was elected President, but the national debt is a result of inaction by both parties in Washington.

The Solution

Our elected leaders need to focus on what’s best for Colorado’s families and communities. That means funding essential priorities and then holding the line on spending. Fortunately in Colorado, taxpayers are protected by TABOR, a state law that requires lawmakers to get permission from taxpayers at the ballot box if they believe they need to raise taxes.

Also, we need to look for solutions to problems that aren’t government solutions. Entrepreneurs and non-profits are the best resource for ideas to serve our communities better, and their bottom-up approach to problem solving is much more effective and efficient than the old, industrial top-down approach that government bureaucracies have.

Make It Happen

Fixing the growth of government won’t be easy, but if we work together we can make an impact. Here’s how:

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Curbing the size of government

In his first day in office, President Reagan promises to curb the size of the federal government and protect federalism.

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