Income Inequality

America was founded on the idea that everyone is equal. That means we all have equal rights and equal opportunity. But some people have twisted this idea to think we should all have equal outcomes. It’s laughable and impossible. Let’s focus on solutions to empower everyone have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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The Problem

We hear a lot about “income inequality” — the idea that some people have “too much” money while others don’t have enough.

The real problem is a lack of income mobility — our ability to work hard and be successful. Today, it’s harder than ever in America to get a great education, get a first job, start a business and make a difference.

The Solution

Politicians on the far left (progressives) think the solution is to raise taxes and redistribute wealth. President Obama famously said we should “spread that wealth around.” They don’t realize “spreading the wealth” actually makes everyone more poor.

The real solution is to fix our government’s economic policies, which currently favor special interests and top-down Washington control. As government has gotten bigger, cronyism has gotten worse. So the solution is not more government control. The solution is to empower people.

We improve income mobility by giving people the raw material to make a difference: better schools, more jobs, less regulations that hurt small businesses.

By getting the red tape out of the way, more people can pursue their American Dream. They can flourish. They can make a difference. That’s what a nation of equality looks like.

Make It Happen

Ready to help empower our friends and community to pursue their dreams? Here’s how:

  1. Look for useless regulations and high taxes in your community. Share those stories on our Facebook page.
  2. Has a small business closed near your home or work? If you know the owner, find out why. Maybe they were just ready to retire, but more likely, running their business just got to be too expensive and too much red tape. Share those stories with us as well.
  3. Write your local, state, and federal representatives to let them know you oppose the growth of government and special deals for special interests. Attend their town hall meetings and ask what they’re doing to cut regulations and taxes so it’s easier to build a business and hire employees.
  4. Share a link to this page on Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Share one of the photos at the top on Instagram.
  6. Email this page to a friend who is also interested in making sure everyone has an equal shot at pursuing their dreams.

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