Every day, more Americans become concerned about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. What most don’t understand though is the reasons for the conflict. More than anything else, we face a war today between ideas: good ideas that foster freedom versus bad ideas that encourage violence. If we’re going to win, it’s our ideas — our principles — that will get us there.

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The Problem

Before anything else, national security is the most essential responsibility of the federal government. Without a strong national defense, Americans cannot safely and securely enjoy the freedom and opportunity of our democratic, free enterprise system.

Radicalized Islamic terrorists present a new, more dangerous threat than we have faced since 9/11. Their planning and inspiration of international attacks in Europe and the United States is a direct threat to our safety. They’re responsible for many attacks, including:

  • San Bernardino
  • Chattanooga
  • Fort Hood
  • Garland, Texas
  • The Boston Marathon bombings

Our leaders must develop strategies that address the reality of the dangers we face today.

The Solution

To confront the very real threat of attacks carried out by radical Islamic terrorists, we must honestly look at their motivations. We must acknowledge that ISIS does claim to be fulfilling Islamic scripture.

Does this mean all Muslims sympathize with ISIS? Of course not. The vast, vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and support democracy. Most of the people killed by radical groups like ISIS have been Muslims.

It is important though to understand that those who do sympathize with and support radical Islamic terrorism believe they are fulfilling apocalyptic prophesies. Radicals — people literally willing to blow themselves up — have motivations that run much deeper than we understand.

Make It Happen

Without question, sequestration has weakened our military, resulting in more than $1.3 trillion in cuts from defense budgets. For the United States to prevent future attacks on our soil and against our allies like the Paris terrorist attacks, we must ensure that our armed forces and intelligence agencies are equipped with every resource that they need to ensure lasting victories.

Our elected leaders, despite their own personal political agendas, have to put their responsibility to provide for the common defense first.

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