Our Core Values

At thought.buzz, we take you behind the headlines to look at the bigger issues Americans are faced with every day. Thought.buzz is the source to get beyond the hype and learn more about issues important to our families, communities and nation.

To guide our coverage, we rely on the following core values to focus on the stories that matter most.

People Are Fundamentally Good

We presume that our fellow man is good and honorable. We believe people seek truth, compassion, goodness, hard work and creativity. We trust other citizens to do the right thing, until they have proven otherwise.

We Each Have A Civic Duty

“We the people…” America started out with the idea that we are capable of governing ourselves. That simple concept has unleashed powerful energy for good in the world. We are blessed with unalienable rights, and with those rights comes responsibility. We adhere to the principles of good governance and seek leaders who share our values – without exception.

Character Matters

We strive to live principle-centered lives. We are loving, not hostile. Constructive not destructive. Careful, not reckless. We look for ways to make life better for all. We have compassion for the poor and the under-privileged. We cheer fellow citizens who achieve success. We are a diverse nation. Poor, middle-class and wealthy; farmers, craftsmen, lawyers, bankers and politicians; white, black, brown and yellow; atheists and believers; gay and straight — they are all God’s children; we love them all.

The Best Ideas Withstand The Test of Time

We believe in truth and tradition because they have stood the test of time. We eschew hasty fads and fashionable ideas that are untested. We invest ourselves in the wisdom of the ages. We hold to certain truths: the equality of people under the law, our unalienable rights to truth, life, liberty, property, self-defense and the pursuit of happiness. We strive to protect and project principles of good governance such as the checks and balances that constrain government power, among many others.

America’s Founding Is A Blueprint for Our Future

We respect our Founding Fathers, their resolve to be free and the genius of the plan they devised for a great nation – one that endures over 200 years later. They were not perfect, but they were truly great men because of their unsurpassed wisdom and foresight. No person or no group in these modern times has been able to match their accomplishments.

 Evil & Injustice Must Be Defeated

We are a nation based on equality and the rule of law. We support the good fights fought for the freedom of slaves, the opposition the Jim Crow laws, the passage of women’s suffrage, the integration of the schools in Montgomery, and many others. We support the continued fight against evil and injustice in our country, and when we must, where it exists beyond our borders.

 We Need Leaders With Character & Competence

We seek leaders who are humble and competent. We do not admire arrogance or hubris. We only ask for two things of our leaders: competence and character. We consent to be governed only in the least intrusive manner; and then, only by good and honorable leaders. To us, individual freedom and equality are eminent over the power we give to governments. We seek leaders who share our view that any government that plays too large a role in its citizen’s lives destroys freedoms and lowers living standards for all. We abhor those who abuse power and participate in the corruption that has always been associated with big government.

 Citizens Deserve Respect

We decry demagoguery, class warfare, divisiveness, populism and emotionalism as lying to the very citizens that give politicians their power. We have elevated leaders whose words and actions do not match. We deserve better.

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